The why:
This blog was started as a personal challenge to write and not be so scared about sharing that writing publicly.

The what:
This blog is a place to record and ruminate on my travel experiences, life experiences, and other thoughts.

The macro:
Yes, some of these posts are probably overwritten, but writing is a fluid exchange so I’m regularly going back to review and tweak as necessary. If you’re interested in that fluidity, you can subscribe and read the original posts in your inbox, then revisit the blog directly to see what’s changed. I enjoy an open discussion on writing and editing, so comment wherever those beautiful thoughts of yours spark.

The who (for):
This blog is intended as a resource for other travelers who want ideas on itineraries (scroll down to the end of most posts to find links to accommodation and useful phrases in the target language), personal experiences, and travel stories that make them laugh. This blog is also for those few individuals interested in reading some unassuming non-fiction personal essays and, on occasion, some pretty terrible poetry.

The who (are you):

I am the blog.

Some other stuff:
This blog is not intended for commercial purposes. Links are not monetized and are only included as a courtesy for fellow travelers. Images and writing belong to the blog. I value privacy and fair representation. If you’re worried about an image or piece of writing that doesn’t meet those standards, please contact me.

Thanks for stopping by!

This photo sums up the things I love about traveling.