Travel Gear: Minimal family carry-on Fall weather packing list

After a successful four day weekend in Paris adhering to Transavia’s strict carry on requirements (two backpacks under 10kg (22 lbs), one stroller, a baby and no personal items!), I’m feeling pretty good about our packing prowess. Skip around using these links:

Toddler Packing List
My Packing List
Spouse’s Packing List
Randoms packed
Regrets and Packing Lessons


What was the Fall weather like on this trip?

The forecast called for a dizzying mix of 12°C (53°F) to 23°C (73°F) weather, rain, sunshine, and clouds. I think we were able to accomplish a solid mix of things to wear in limited space.

If it had stayed 12°C the entire time we would have been entirely comfortable with our layering choices. If it had been 23°C in bright sun for the whole trip (as it was for two afternoons) my wardrobe would have been too hot. For example, my ankle boots probably looked a bit heavy to the other metro passengers on the warm, sunny afternoons in Paris.


We fit everything into these two bags:

Packed backpacks
Left: Anello backpack, Right: PacsafeMetrosafe LS450  backpack

And all soft items (minus my and my husband’s jackets) went into these packing cubes:

all the cubes
Two large packing cubes, two small (right two are compression zippered), all Eagle Creek

Toddler’s packing list:

  • Enough food and milk for airport meals, breakfast, and lunch
  • Rubber bib

    Toddler's food
    We fit all baby food in a reusable, insulated bag
  • Diaper clutch + extra diapers
  • small piece of baby soap
  • Baby blanket
  • Three toys (1 singing car, 1 light up music box, 1 set of nesting cups)
  • Three books (favorites but also re-purchasable)

    Toys, books, clothes, and diaper clutch
  • Clothes:
    • Warm jacket
    • 2 pairs of soft pants for sleeping
    • 2 pairs of pants for going out and about
    • 5 pairs of socks
    • 2 long sleeve onesies for layering and pajama tops
    • Three long sleeve shirts (2 button up, 1 T-shirt)
    • 2 sweaters
    • 1 pair of shoes
  • My packing list:

    Unseasonably warm day in October at the Tuileries garden.
  • Toiletries
    • deodorant wipes
    • toothbrush + paste
    • hard face/body soap broken into pieces
    • Hair product
  • Makeup
    • sample size of mascara
    • concealer
    • sample size face primer with spf
    • mini size of face powder
    • 3 eye shadow sticks
    • sample size face moisturizer
    • sample size eye cream
  • Several cartilage earrings
  • A few hair ties and hair pick/comb
  • Sunglasses
  • Smart phone + charger
  • Soft, oversized handbag (rolled up and stuffed into backpack b/c of Transavia’s no personal item carry-on policy)
My clothes
Baggallini tote in upper left, Born trinculo booties next to it
  • Clothes (my wardrobe was a mix of black, blue, and blush, 6 total outfits)*
    • 1 black pleather jacket
    • 1 scarf
    • 1 black merino wool dress (a.k.a. my Magic Travel Dress)
    • 1 stretchy pencil skirt
    • 2 loose sweaters (easy to knot or tuck in)
    • 1 pair warm black leggings
    • 1 pair black tights
    • 1 black spaghetti strap tank
    • 3 pairs lace underwear ( ❤ ❤ ❤ lace for travel)
    • 1 wire bra
    • 1 cotton bralette
    • 3 pairs of socks
    • 1 pair of gray ankle boots

*Note: I didn’t take the black and white plaid shirt in order to make space for the scarf in my mini packing cube. However, had I switched with my husband and used the large packing cube, it would have fit.

Spouse’s packing list:

Fall day
Typical outfit on the trip: slacks, t-shirt, jacket over the arm
  • Toiletries:
    • deodorant stick
    • hair goop depotted in smaller container
    • tooth brush + paste
  • Smart phone + charger
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothes (his wardrobe was blues, grays, and white):
    • Wool coat
    • 1 pair of warm slacks
    • 1 merino wool half zip fleece
    • 3 T-shirts (1 collared, 2 v-neck)
    • 2 pairs of socks
    • 3 pairs Exofficio underwear
    • 1 pair black leather shoes



  • Tablet loaded with cartoon songs + baby headphones for airplane rides
  • adult sized earbuds
  • 3 small bags of chocolate and snacks to gift
  • 1 small bag of beef jerky for us
  • 4 granola bars for us
  • 4 mini chocolate bars for us
  • 1 coloring book to gift
  • printed tickets


Regrets and packing lessons:

I didn’t need the scarf at all on this trip because the weather was so mild. It was a big waste of space and an irritation every time it had to be repacked.

Normally we travel with microfiber towels but didn’t miss them on this trip.

Had I known how warm it would be, I probably would have left the leggings at home and brought another pair of tights and a T-shirt to throw over the dress (the dress I love which I am about to rave about in its own post here).

Another thing we realized on this trip is to only keep your clothes separated into different cubes for organization’s sake and not for packing effectiveness. Let me explain what I mean. For the return trip we acquired bulky new baby outfits from our friends and found we had room by mixing our clothes up differently than how they’re shown organized below. We simply stuffed them altogether wherever they fit without worrying that the baby’s socks were touching the parents’ shirts, etc. With a little extra stuffing, for example, my bulky knit scarf fit into the mini compression cube with the baby’s blanket.

Inked all the cubes_LI

This leads me to my final but big big packing light-bulb moment: I put all of the packing cubes into the larger Pacsafe backpack. My Anello backpack became the go-to for stuff we’d need on the plane with only the baby toys, books, toiletries, diaper clutch, rolled up handbag, and snacks inside. The lesson here is that the Pacsafe bag is much more comfortable to wear because it essentially turns into one solid brick while the Anello doesn’t perform as well as a bulky item.

Inked Packed backpacks_LI

How have you packed for strict carry-on allowances for a four day trip? I’d love to see more examples.

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