Snippet: Poem – You Know What You Are

You know what you are

Sad little pieces lying dismantled on their shelf

Water drying on contours – plastic and curved

Becoming residue

Deposits of mineral

Making me wonder if you’re ever actually clean.

Oh, mangled mass of valves and cups

Dreaming in your resting state.

Resting but aware.

Breathing air

Suctioning away

Spitting out

You are patient but insatiable.

Whirring and demanding

The liquid sweetness of corporeal gold.

Manipulating my natural processes

You are a device of torture and freedom. One of both.

An intrusive part of my day

A niggling reminder of work to do.

Finding ways to quantify my love

Spurring me into competition with myself.

Another 3 oz! Yesterday was 5. Tomorrow will be 5 more.

– But –

… ..but,

You can only come to life when I plug in the line.

My stash grows in consuming glory

Marbling to buttery thickness

Murky and cold

Solid, frozen, ready.

Awaiting the hour, the minute, the second

It will pass warm and liquid again through silicone holes

And cherry red lips

to the little heart beat I never knew I so desperately required

In my life.

I sigh.

And I rue the day

The day you were invented


the day I will need you no more.

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