on a daytrip to: Cueta

A travel blog lends itself pretty easily to topics to be written about. Going somewhere? There’s your next post. Title? Name of the destination + possibly the duration + possibly the means of getting there.

It’s the complete lazy person’s prompt. It also leads to lazy writing and boring blog. Blah.

I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got for you today with this one. We booked our second day trip in Spain to Cueta. It was simple enough to do going through our recreation desk on Base with the day package. But for next time all it is is an hour and a half drive down to the port city, Algeciras, followed by an hour ferry ride to Cueta. Don’t forget your passport. They control travel pretty carefully across the Straight.  

I was really excited about this when I booked it. I was eager for us to get traveling as much as possible while we were still stuck living on base in a hotel without a car. This seemed like an awesome opportunity and I swear I did not have a bad time.

Our day package included a bus ride to a high point to take pictures of the water and the coast. Then a guide met us in the city center for a quick walk. I wish I had more to report on what I learned, but I must have been a little fatigued.

It’s a shame, this lazy form of writing. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Ceuta. It’s got a lot of history that could interest you, as told to us on our brief walking tour. It’s got pretty streets and coast line, also explored on our day trip. They even have a cool kayaking option for seeing the city from the water. For goodness sake, this counts as my first time stepping into Africa. But for whatever reason, I’ve got no new nugget to add to this. The most memorable part of the trip right now for me was the “unexpected treat” Cody experienced when he noticed the John Wayne movie Cahill U.S. Marshall was playing at the ferry gift shop on our way back. – John Wayne in a Spanish gift shop. – It was an inspiring moment for him.

In fact, I’m feeling so uninspired, I’m going to just straight out purge information from an email I sent to my parents. Hmmm, any new topics of interest? Yes, we had a formal group lunch:

“The meal portions here are ridiculous. Lunches are the big meals so imagine three courses with the serving size in each enough to feed me for one meal. It hardly seems reasonable. And they don’t take home left over food here. I feel bad wasting food but with these prearranged menus, I guess there’s not much you can do.”

Mhmm, mhmm, not much you can do.

Oh look, wine.

Well, what else. The waves drummed up by the ferry made an impression.

Of course those aren’t the waves I’m talking about in this picture.

The cars driving on and off of the ferry, either loaded up with goods from mainland Spain or Morocco were interesting.

Also there’s this cool statue of Hercules because Ceuta was one of his markers for the old world.

That’s a pretty cool story of Hercules. You should probably go ahead and look that one up.

So, yeah, otherwise, give Cueta a visit sometime. Add any interesting details I’ve missed.


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