Not every place gets written about. Not every adventure is shared. The details of every story aren’t preserved and that’s really a shame, because they’ve all been meaningful. Full of life.

Not to sound trite, but for someone who tries to pass on the sacredness of writing to her students, I’ve easily fallen out of the practice.  I hate to pull out this blog only occasionally, as if all that other stuff didn’t matter. As if there weren’t opportunities for greater insight and reflection on the little paths I’ve taken to this point.  I mean, my blog was titled “Jennifer Goes…” There’ve been so many locales and faces in the what, three years? since I published my last post. Japan, New Zealand, road tripping around the U.S., all of the wonderful local places I got to see and experience while living in Hawai’i…

And that isn’t to say that home doesn’t matter either. My blog was titled “Jennifer Goes…” but looking at my previous posts, I’ve always found ways to fudge my way around those lines. It isn’t just the places I’ve traveled that are worthy of writing about and reflecting on in here. For example, I’ve come to appreciate the craggy planes of eastern Washington, the faces of old friends and family, the feeling of “home” far more than I ever could without having experienced all these other places and meeting all of these new people.

But for various reasons, there’s been a break in the continuity of this story that’s getting told here and I’d like to preface this new chapter by saying this: there’ve been far too many memories, emotions, experiences, people, and places to ever capture adequately through the stolid little figures of these letters on my be-speckled computer screen.  Especially the people….far too many new, warm faces that have become so integral in forming the fabric of my identity and the fire of my heart. In fact, although he received an honorable mention three years ago, there hasn’t even been a proper introduction of a rather prominent, permanent new character in this sporadically told story, my husband Cody. He’s been important to all the preceding, mistily referenced stories for three years, just as he’ll be for the next. And it’s been a wonderfully full three years.

So, here’s to the next phase in my life, where Cody and I get to live in Europe for a while. Based out of Andalusia in southwestern Spain, we are on the precipice of so many fantastic opportunities for travel, reflection, and growth. I assume some of the forthcoming blogs will be solely related to travel as the name implies, while others will meander into introspection and daily life. I want to avoid making this a vanity project, and certainly don’t intend this to be a tell-all. I’ve reached a point where I know I need to start living the sacredness of writing that I teach to my students, and that means opening myself up to more vulnerable or less exciting thoughts than just roaming from place to place. I hope this serves as an inviting window into our world for all those interested in being a part of it, and also a living, growing capsule of our next three years based out of Spain and what life awaits.

Thanks for sharing in this with us.

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