through her daily routine.

Daily Life

A picture story.

Two weeks in and I’ve already got a fairly predictable routine. Join me as we take a weekday tour of my ajan life in Thailand.

6:15 am: I wake up and run down this sidewalk:

Never ending.

and around this lake:

and it’s imperative that I run by this windmill (or else I’ll just keep running).

My compass.

7:30 am: Sometimes I eat this for breakfast….

Papaya and Pineapple

or if I’m feeling lazy, I’ll settle for this:

Breakfast of champions.

8:30 am: Occasionally I ride on one of these things…

Danny boarding the songthaew

which can get pretty crowded so hold on,

 9:00 am: to my 690 class, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Bright and shining faces.

10:00 am But usually I just take this….

Me in my most ’90’s outfit.

….all the way to here.

Faculty of Management Science

Hot and sweaty from my ride, I sidestep the dozing dogs:

….and go inside this lovely air conditioned office

Filled with these lovely air conditioned people.

where I work in front of this screen.

Still trying to figure out how to “add a page”

12 pm: Then it’s time for lunch, which could sometimes be this:


And other times, regrettably, this:

It says cheese and cracker but it tastes like sugar cookies. I was misled.

1:00 pm: Then it’s back to the office to wage war against these fiends:

Picture to scale depending on your computer screen.


4:30 pm: Many hours later, I go in here:

where sometimes I make my students do this:

Summary game!

and that:

Summary game!
Summary game!

but always make sure they get their daily dose of writing/speaking/reading/listening/loving/living English! Wooo…ooo…ooo.

6:30 pm: Finally, I bike home

and get to lounge around in here,

7:30 pm: before going to the cafeteria
to get some of this:

Noodles in coconut soup

and hopefully none of that:

I should have never asked.

with these cool peeps.

Hey cool teachers.

Occasionally I go out for something like this:

Mmmm, hotpot

And on extra special nights, I get to see skies like this:

                                                                       and this:

But if I’m really, really lucky, I get to talk to this person at some point during my day:

Proof that occasionally there really  is enough wifi for Skype in our room!

Voila. My daily routine. You’re welcome.

Jennifer Shannahan

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