Time Traveling, Internationally

riddle for you: If you’re reading this right now (as in, right now right now, in a non-literal sense) it’s probably yesterday for me. Even though we’re both living and breathing at the very same moment, separated only by continents and wind streams, technically my iPhone thinks you’re still in yesterday. Yesterday, a lovely nostalgic, albeit naive state of mind where the future is bright and there are less mosquito bites on your feet. Somehow I lost a day and yet I’m not any older.

How can this be?

A man-made concept of time measurement. I’ve gone and crossed the International Date Line.

Bug bites, blood cubes, and beautiful thunderstorms. I’m in Thailand.

Please don’t let the previous sentence fool you into thinking that I know enough about Thailand to take what I say seriously.  But here I am (my here, not your here, it’s a literary device) and it’s all new.

I want to do this place justice with some actual serious blog entries, so let’s just consider this the pre-ramble (for a definition of “pre-ramble” refer to my 2010 post where I established the term).

This is basically to set the scene and let you know I’m in Thailand, Ubon Ratchathani to be exact, visiting not just Thailand, but Asia for the first time, and doing a two month teaching practicum at UBU. I live on a campus the size of Manoa Valley (for you Hawaii friends) or Cheney (for you Washington friends) or to all my other friends just check out google maps. I ride a bike around, I make friends with stray dogs, and I’m learning how to order the most delicious fruit on earth. Oh, and some really fantastic people are here doing the practicum with me, or are in the class I’m teaching, or are simply occupying the same geographical region as me.

So sit back, subscribe, and come with me on all my non-offensive, lovably self-deprecating adventures across the International Date Line. But most importantly, help me decipher these taxi-glyphics.

As illuminating as they are mysterious.


Part of the teaching crew
Where I work.
A roommate.


A street (try crossing that).
How I got here.
Whoops, these again. (It’s the one on the right that’s getting me)

Jennifer Shannahan



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